4 Ways To Ignite Your Creative Spark

These 4 simple tricks will help ignite your creative spark. Whether you are a painter, a knitter, or a cook, part of our role as humans is to create something to helps others focus on what matters and not on consumption.

Years ago, I decided to make a small painting every week for a year. Making 52 paintings seemed impossible but starting was the most difficult part. A few weeks in, I purchased a classic manual typewriter on Craigslist and started adding quotes to the paintings.

Each of my yoga students received a small photocopy of the paintings at our yoga practice. After a year, my students asked me if I would continue to bring them paintings—this continued for six years! One student got a free class after collecting more than 200 paintings.

Here are the 4 tricks I used to create 52 painting in a year:

Set Clear Attainable Goals

Make your goal clear and attainable. I made a goal to have each painting done by my weekly Sunday night yoga class. My supplies were always on hand, and I was open to any inspiration. Inspiration was everywhere, including a pair of salt and pepper shakers at a diner! A clear timeline will help you not overwork or overthink the paintings because you simply won't have time.

Accountability is Key

Share your goals and products along the way. Whether you have students or just a good friend, you can add photos to social media or to your newsletter, or simple email or text images to promise them your work. Let your students or customers share in the experience of creating. They'll love a VIP behind-the-scenes look at your creation process. Let them know if you’d like feedback or not.

Quantity over Quality

I can’t stress this one enough. It took me a long time to get over filling journals with sketches because I was worried about ruining the nice, shiny pages. If you practice anything over a period of time, your creations become better overall. Even the ones that don’t turn out are a stepping stone for your next creation.

Process as Play

Some of my favorite creative works were ones that I didn’t try so hard to make perfect. There is a feeling as if “they painted themselves” because, in a way, they did. When we are open to the process, our intuition asks our egos to step-aside. That’s where the magic happens.

My creative energy was ignited. Now, the business I created from these humble beginning includes more than 100 greeting card designs, 20 sticker designs, as well as published card decks called White Sage Tarot and Land Sky Oracle.

Come back to your playful side as you make one creation at a time following these simple tips.

You can purchase Theresa's card decks, stickers, and greeting cards at Jewelweed.

Blog Post by local artist, Theresa Hutch

Theresa Hutch is the creator of White Sage Tarot and Land Sky Oracle. She also works as as custom painter and home stylist. She makes paintings to help make your home truly unique!

Theresa lives and works out of her home studio in Minneapolis, MN.

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