Book Club with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Our first night sold out so fast, we're hosting an additional night for this special event!  


This particular book club gathering will take place via Zoom on Wednesday,  September 16 @ 7PM - 9PM 


Book Club Bundle - The Alchemist: 

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - already have a copy? Gift this copy to a friend and share the magic! 

  • Two surprise crystals that align with the intentions and messaging of the book - hold or keep nearby while you read and journal your discussion questions! 

  • Palo Santo "Holy Wood" -  a powerful tool used in rituals, burn before you read and journal to clear energy and amplify high vibrations.  Burn while setting your intentions and use it to inspire creativity and invite in peace and positivity.

  • Sample of Ceremonial Cacao (Ritual Dose)  - savor a cup of ceremonial cacao while you read or journal to elevate your mood and ground your energy (as well as nourish your body with the many vital minerals this cacao contains). 

  • Journal Prompts and Questions - these will be shared shortly after you purchase your bundle (please be sure to provide your email address!) and then we’ll discuss these questions and share more at our gathering!

  • A night of connection and community with kindred spirits 


*PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL to recieve the journal prompts and zoom link - thank you!  You will recieve an email when your bundle is ready for pick-up. 


“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation”


Join Jewelweed’s very first book club!  Our book club will center around a book that is loved and cherished by the entire Jewelweed staff - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  Whether you’ve read it before or you're ready to finally read this classic for the first time, we invite you to to take a spiritual journey with yourself and Santiago and explore what it means to find and follow one’s destiny.  Almost every page has a thought or  lesson to appreciate, so you may want to keep a journal nearby while you dive deep into this adventure of The Alchemist.  At our (virtual) gathering we’ll share and discuss the book itself, as well as the journal prompts and questions given to you with the purchase of your book club bundle. (Spots limited).


Book Club Bundle - The Alchemist [September 16]


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